Q: When does the contracted time start?

The contracted time starts when you want it to start. This means either starting with, “background” music before the party arrives, or with the announcements of the party, or at a specified time that you have chosen.

Q: Is it customary to tip my DJ?

This is one of those questions that you want to ask, but are afraid to. Our response is, “it’s up to you.” A tip is something that someone gives for good service, whether it is at a restaurant, barbershop, or wedding reception. A tip should never be asked for. If you feel that good service was given then feel free to tip that person, if you don’t feel that good service was given, then don’t. We feel that a tip should never be expected. Those that expect a tip are in the wrong profession!

Q: Do you take requests?

This is your choice. Normally, we do take requests from your guests, unless you specify otherwise. However, we try to ensure that requests are appropriate for the occasion and that it is something that people will dance to. Metallica and Korn usually don’t get heard at too many of our receptions, unless of course you specifically ask for it.

Q: How late will you play?

We will play til you tell me to stop. Keep in mind that many reception halls in the area have time limits that they will allow for events. In most cases, if it’s going to be past midnight, you would need to discuss it first with the reception hall. Clearing this up ahead of time will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises or disappointments on the night of the reception. We always try to find out when the party will be ending because we always like to end the evening with a couple of slow songs.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time that you’ll play?

For most events it’s a 3-hour minimum. However there are exceptions to this rule, contact us for your situation.

Q: Is there a fee for travel or setup/take-down time?

We do not charge a travel fee unless the reception hall is more than 1 hour from the San Diego area. Setup and take-down time are included in our services; you are not charged for this time. We are usually at the reception hall approximately one hour before the scheduled start time and completely setup approximately 1/2 hour before the scheduled starting time.

Q: When should we pay our DJ?

A deposit is sent in along with one copy of the contract signed by you to lock in your date. This applies to your contracted amount. You are free to decide when you want to pay the remaining balance, you can send payment in advance, at the beginning, or at the end of the reception. Again, it’s totally up to you.

Q: Can we give you a DO NOT PLAY list?

Of course.

Q: What about objectionable or offensive lyrics?

Our music services provides us with radio “clean” versions of songs and this is what we prefer to play. If you or your guests bring retail CDs, We will listen to the suggested track, but will not play it if the lyrics are deemed objectionable. Most events we play at have a family atmosphere, and we don’t want to embarass or anger anyone, least of all, our selves. That noted, if the event is a fraternity party, we will pretty much play anything.